Comic Pull Service

We're proud to offer pull boxes to ensure you never miss an issue! Members of our subscription service receive a discount on all titles pulled.

When you add 10 or more series to your subscription, you receive a 15% discount on all titles pulled! We work with the League of Comic Geeks to track and fulfill your weekly comic pulls.

Joining is easy: you don't even have to come into the store!

  1. Create an account with League of Comic Geeks.
  2. Click "Stores" at the top of the page.
  3. To join our Ames store, search for 50014. To join our Des Moines store, search for 50325.
  4. Click on the Mayhem logo for the store you would like to join.
  5. On the right, click "Connect & Share My Pull List."
  6. Fill out your name and phone number, ensure your store location is correct, and click Accept & Connect.
  7. On the right, the text should now indicate that you are connected with the store.
  8. You can now add minimum of five separate, current, non-variant titles to your pull list for League of Comic Geeks to start sending your weekly pulls to us!
  9. IMPORTANT: Your pull box will NOT be activated until you contact us by phone (Ames: (515) 292-3510; Des Moines: (515) 271-8104). Website contact form submissions are NOT accepted for pull boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to add five titles?
We are a brick-and-mortar store, and we only have so much space. We have opted to require a minimum to ensure that we have enough space for the people who would get the most use out of the pull service. Please note that variants do not count as one of your five titles.

How often do I have to pick up my pulled titles?
We ask that pull box customers come to pick up their pulled titles at least once a month.

Can I add back issues or inactive titles?
No. Our pull list is a service for putting aside new comics.

Can I add variant covers?
You are free to add variant covers so long as you understand that you may not get them. This is a pull service, not a speculation service. Due to the nature of how variants are distributed, we may be able to fulfill your variant pull or not. Pulls for incentive variants will not be fulfilled.

One of the titles I'm subscribed to has ended and now I have less than five. Can I keep my pull box?
We require five active titles for your pull list to be valid. You are responsible for maintaining your pull box, as we will not notify you if you go below five.

I'd like to close my pull list. How do I do that?
Please contact us either by phone or by email and give us your name along with a note that you wish to close your pull list. You are not required to buy any titles remaining in your pull.