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Lost in R'lyeh Card Game

Fear & Loathing! Escape - or go mad trying - in Lost in R'lyeh, Atlas Games' epic card game of fleeing dread Cthulhu and certain madness.

7/5/2016 $14.95

Star Trek Panic

Explore the Galaxy! Defend the U.S.S Enterprise! Complete the Mission! Don't Panic! Your 'Five-Year Mission' awaits in Star Trek Panic!

7/1/2016 PI

Pathfinder RPG: Player Companion - Spymaster's Handbook

Master the art of subterfuge with theSpymaster's Handbook, a Player Companion for Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

7/1/2016 $14.99

The Lord of the Rings LCG: Temple of the Deceived Adventure Pack

Middle-earth's greatest heroes must contend with hordes of cursed dead inTemple of the Deceived, the third Adventure Pack in the Dream-chaser Cycle for Fantasy Flight'sThe Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

6/30/2016 $14.95

Warmachine: Prime & Hordes: Primal Core Rulebooks

Discover battle like never before with Privateer Press' Warmachine: Primeand Hordes: Primal core rulebooks.

6/30/2016 PI

Play Me! Alice in Wonderdice

It's down the Rabbit Hole and through the looking glass one more time in a wild race through Wonderland in CMON's Play Me, the completely mad dice game!

6/29/2016 $24.99

Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Path of the Hellknight

Champions of Unwavering Law! Unstoppable might is yours to command as you impose unshakable order - whatever the cost - with Path of the Hellknight, a blasphemous tome for Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

6/29/2016 $22.99

Star Trek: Frontiers Board Game

Boldly Go! WizKids' Star Trek: Frontiers takes you to the furthest reaches of uncharted space - and beyond!

6/29/2016 $79.99

The Grizzled: At Your Orders!

Finish the Fight! Return to the trenches of CoolMiniOrNot's fast-paced, fully-cooperative card gameThe Grizzled with At Your Orders!

6/28/2016 $14.99

Random Encounter: Plains of the Troll King

Raid the kingdom - and your fellow adventurers - for glory and loot inRandom Encounter: Plains of the Troll King, IDW and Joyride Games' questing card game of bravery and bluffs!

6/28/2016 $19.99

Dragon Ball Z TCG: Vengeance

Broly smashes his way onto the TCG scene with a Vengeance in the latest booster-only expansion for Panini's Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game!

6/28/2016 PI

Octo Dice

Eight Crazy Tentacles! Six Custom Dice! Get a tentacle up on the competition with AEG's Octo Dice!

6/27/2016 $19.99

GTM #197!

Got Game? Get GTM!

6/27/2016 $3.99

Fate RPG: Do - Fate of the Flying Temple Core Rules

Fate of the Flying Temple brings the fantasy world of Daniel Solis's Doto Evil Hat's Fate Core for family-friendly adventures.

6/24/2016 $20.00

No Thank You, Evil! RPG

Open your mind's eye and spark your imagination in No Thank You, Evil!, Monte Cook's tabletop roleplaying game of make-believe, adventure, and storytelling for creative young minds.

6/24/2016 $39.99

Ra: A Game of Gods & Glory in Ancient Egypt

End of an Epoch! Forge a legacy in ancient Egypt and make history in Ra, WindRider's revision of Reiner Knizia's dynasty-building game of divine intervention.

6/23/2016 $59.95

Fate RPG: Venture City

Rogue Heroes! Villainous Corporations! Ruthless Gangs! It's not safe to venture into Venture City, a super-powered supplement for Evil Hat Productions' Fate Core System.

6/23/2016 $20.00

Lost Patrol

Death in the Jungle! Set in the dark far future, Games Workshop's Lost Patrol is a dynamic, two-player board game of kill-or-be-killed!

6/23/2016 $60.00

Cypher System RPG: Gods of the Fall

The Gods are Dead - Now It's Your Turn! Awaken your divine spark, claim a dominion, and become a god in Monte Cook's Gods of the Fall, a campaign setting book for theCypher System roleplaying game.

6/23/2016 $44.99

Fate RPG: Young Centurions Core Rules

Save the World Before Dinner Time! Evil Hat's Young Centurions puts you in the shoes of teenage pulp heroes of the early 1910s.

6/22/2016 $20.00

Mage Wars Academy: Priestess Expansion

Summon virtuous allies, smite the wicked, and compete to prove the way of light is absolute with Arcane Wonders' Priestess Expansion for both Mage Wars: Academy andArena.

6/22/2016 $19.99

BattleTech: Historical - First Succession War

The stability of the Inner Sphere is threatened in the First Succession War, an essential treatise for Catalyst Game Labs' BattleTech.

6/22/2016 $34.99

Before I Kill You, Mister Spy...

Gloating is Encouraged! Field test your most boastful monologues as you build, capture, taunt, and destroy your way to complete and utter victory in Cheapass Games' Before I Kill You, Mister Spy...

6/22/2016 $10.00

Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship

Adventurers Wanted! Join the party inGuildhall Fantasy, an engaging re-imagining of AEG's award-winningGuildhall.

6/21/2016 $27.99

Gumshoe RPG: Bubblegumshoe Core Rules

Super Sleuths! The world is full of mysteries - it's up to your group of intrepid snoops to solve 'em inBubblegumshoe, Evil Hat Productions' teen detective story game.

6/21/2016 $25.00

Garbage Day

Dirty Deeds! It's time to take out the trash in Garbage Day, Mayday Games' disgusting game of dodging responsibility!

6/21/2016 $21.95


Industrial Revolution! Innovation is the key to success (and victory) in Capstone Games' Arkwright.

6/20/2016 $79.99

Fate RPG: Atomic Robo - Majestic 12 Sourcebook

Remain Calm. Trust in Science! Grab your gear and get ready for full-contact, high-octane, explosive, two-fisted science adventure with Evil Hat Productions' Fate RPG: Atomic Robo!

6/20/2016 $20.00

Android Netrunner LCG: Fear the Masses Data Pack

Election Day is here in Fear the Masses, the sixth and final Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle for Fantasy Flight's Android: Netrunner.

6/20/2016 $14.95

Small World Pocket Encyclopedia

Experience Days of Wonder's Small World in greater depth with this definitive reference guide to Small World and its inhabitants.

6/17/2016 $14.99

Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG: Jungles of Nectavus War Pack

Welcome to the Jungle! Death is never more than a footstep away inJungles of Nectavus, the first War Pack in the Death World Cycle for Fantasy Flight's Warhammer 40,000: Conquest.

6/17/2016 $14.95

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition

Battle for the fate of the Empire - and your clan - in the newest iteration ofThe Ninja Crusade, Third Eye Games' roleplaying game of Martial Arts, Mysticism, and Rebellion!

6/17/2016 $39.99

Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition: Shards of Everdark Hero and Monster Collection

Save the world from Everdark's evil - or spread corruption across all Terrinoth - in Shards of Everdark, the latest Hero and Monster Collection for Fantasy Flight'sDescent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition.

6/16/2016 $34.95

1879 RPG: Player's Guide

Adventure Is Calling! There are worlds to explore, fortunes to be won, and battles to be fought in 1879, FASA's alternate-history roleplaying game set in Victorian Earth.

6/16/2016 $44.95

Star Trek Attack Wing: Borg Cube with Sphere Port Premium Figure

Resistance is Futile! Prepare to be assimilated with the Borg Cube with Sphere Port Premium Figurefor WizKids' Star Trek Attack Wing!

6/15/2016 $99.99

Warhammer 40K: Battle For Vedros Starter Set

Space Marines and invading Ork hordes clash in Battle for Vedros, Games Workshop's skirmish game of daring, cunning, and untold slaughter!

6/14/2016 $49.99

Steam: Map Expansion #5

Full Steam Ahead! Get on track for fame & fortune with this latest Map Expansion for Mayfair Games' Steam, Martin Wallace's classic game of Rails to Riches!

6/14/2016 $45.00

Dawn of the Zeds (3rd Edition)

This One's a No-Brainer! Fend off the undead scourge with this 3rd Editionof Dawn of the Zeds, Victory Point Games' cooperative board game of survival horror!

6/14/2016 PI

My Little Pony CCG: Marks in Time

Make your mark on Equestrian history with Marks in Time, the latest expansion for Enterplay's My Little Pony Collectible Card Game.

6/10/2016 PI

Dominion: Empires

Reign Your Domain! Bolster your dominion (and ego) with Empires, the latest expansion for Rio Grande Games' award-winning Dominion.

6/10/2016 $44.95

Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action Rulebook

Calling All Commodores and Generals! Play faster, leaner, deadlier games of the world's leading Victorian Super Science Fiction wargame with this fast-play edition of Spartan Games' Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action Rulebook!

6/10/2016 $15.75

Once Upon a Time: Animal Tales Expansion

Tales of Tails! Lend fanciful, furry flavor to your fairytale fun with theAnimal Tales expansion for Atlas Games' award-winning Once Upon A Time Storytelling Card Game.

6/9/2016 $12.95

Star Wars LCG: Galactic Ambitions Deluxe Expansion

Intimidate your opponents with the power of the dark side with Galactic Ambitions, the fifth deluxe expansion for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: The Card Game.

6/9/2016 $29.95

Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game

Dattebayo! Tap into your inner Fox spirit and leap into high-octane ninja action with Japanime's Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game!

6/9/2016 PI

Doctor Who RPG: All of Time and Space Volume 1

Traverse All of Time and Spacewith this series of new adventures for Cubicle 7's Doctor Who Roleplaying Game.

6/9/2016 $34.99

The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game

Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Ravensburger's The Castles of Burgundy with this card game adaptation of Stefan Feld's modern classic.

6/9/2016 $13.50

Valiant Universe RPG: Transcendent's Edge

Burrow deep beneath Alcatraz to uncover its long-buried secrets inTranscendent's Edge, a campaign book of power-brokers and hidden agendas for Catalyst Game Labs'Valiant Universe RPG.

6/8/2016 $39.99

Kill Doctor Lucky 19.5th Anniversary Edition

Make a killing with this 19.5th Anniversary Edition of Cheapass Games' Kill Doctor Lucky, James Ernest's endearing, award-winning board game of murderous mirth & mayhem.

6/8/2016 $40.00

Munchkin Fu: Guest Artist Edition - John Kovalic

Your Munchkin Fu is Weak! Level up with this Guest Artist Editionfeaturing the inimitable illustrations of joltin' John Kovalic.

6/8/2016 $29.95

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Deluxe Edition

Go forth and wage war with this revised, deluxe edition of Amarillo Design Bureau and Mongoose Publishing's A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.

6/6/2016 $23.95

The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Thing in the Depths Adventure Pack

Middle-earth's greatest heroes must battle Corsairs - and worse - in The Thing in the Depths, the second Adventure Pack in the Dream-chaser Cycle for Fantasy Flight'sThe Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

6/6/2016 $14.95


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