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Mayhem Comics was saddened to hear of the events that transpired over the weekend at the Pokémon World Championships. It is unfortunate that the individuals involved chose to disrupt the proceedings with threats and intimidation. While we regret that the two individuals used our online community resources to threaten and intimidate others, we are glad that this misuse of our community resources led to the apprehension of the suspects. Through the vigilance of the community and quick action on the part of the authorities, a potential tragedy was averted.

We sincerely hope that the actions of two individuals does not tarnish the reputations of the many people who use both our online and in store spaces. Mayhem is fortunate to have a vibrant gaming community with an abundance of friendly and pleasant players. We do not believe that the actions of the two individuals are representative of the Iowa Pokémon community or the larger gaming community as a whole.

At Mayhem Comics & Games we strive to provide a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere for all of our players, both online and in our stores. We have been doing so for over 20 years and will continue to serve the central Iowa gaming community in the future. Mayhem Comics and Games is dedicated to providing online community resources so that our players can interact with each other in a safe and friendly environment. Inappropriate behavior, such as threats and bullying, will not be tolerated in our stores or on the online community resources we provide.








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