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Zendikar is in trouble.

In addition to the voracious Eldrazi titan Ulamog, the mighty Eldrazi titan and reality-bender Kozilek has emerged and is wreaking havoc on the plane. This tag-team duo of two of the most powerful beings in the entire Multiverse would be enough to shatter any plane.

Alone, Zendikar will fall. Its cities will be devoured and its people will be broken. But together, there is a chance. There is shining crystal of hope in a dimly lit cave.

And that hope is the Gatewatch.

Will you join them?


While supplies last!




Return to Zendikar, where the monstrous Eldrazi threaten the entire world with destruction.



Full art lands are Back and you are guaranteed one per pack!

Also the chance of pulling an Expeditions foil mythic subset card!

Each Battle for Zendikar booster box comes sealed and contains 36 packs. Each pack contains 15 random cards from the master set.




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