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Des Moines Game Events This Month


March 2017:

             Saturday 25th             12 Hours of gaming: Ides of March

             Sunday 26th               Malifaux: Friend of Faux?


(Looking for CCG & other Card Game events? Please check DSM Mayhem's weekly card schedule!)

Daily Events Happening Every Week

     Noon       Malifaux miniatures game



     6:00 pm   Des Moines Area Star Wars X-Wing Miniature League 

     6:00 pm   Games Workshop™ Games



     6:00 pm   Dungeons and Dragons

     6:00 pm   Warmachine

     6:00 pm   Guild Ball

     7:00 pm   Heroclix Events (every 1st and 3rd Wednesday)

     7:00 pm   Batman Minis Game



     6:00 pm   Board Game Night, bring a board game to share

     6:00 pm   Doomtown Reloaded



     4:00 pm   Open after-school Tabletop gaming



     6:00 pm   Iowa Gamers Association Events


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