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Des Moines Game Events This Month


June 2017:

           Saturday 17       SW Destiny - Store Championships

                                       Free RPG Day

                                       Dungeon Crawl Classic (part of Free RPG Day)

                                       Ghosts Love Candy Demo (part of Free RPG Day)

           Sunday 18          SW Armada Store Championships

           Sunday 24          SW X-Wing Store Championships

July 2017:

           Saturday 1         12 Hours of Gaming: 'More is Better' Edition

           Saturday 8         Warmachine Steamroller

           Sunday 9           Malifaux'Nanza!


(Looking for CCG & other Card Game events? Please check DSM Mayhem's weekly card schedule!)

Daily Events Happening Every Week

     Noon       Malifaux miniatures game



     6:00 pm   Des Moines Area Star Wars X-Wing Miniature League 

     6:00 pm   Games Workshop™ Games



     6:00 pm   Dungeons and Dragons

     6:00 pm   Warmachine

     6:00 pm   Guild Ball

     7:00 pm   Heroclix Events (every 1st and 3rd Wednesday)

     7:00 pm   Batman Minis Game



     6:00 pm   Board Game Night, bring a board game to share

     6:00 pm   Doomtown Reloaded



     4:00 pm   Open after-school Tabletop gaming



     6:00 pm   Iowa Gamers Association Events


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