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Des Moines Weekly and Special Events



     2:00 pm   Yu-Gi-Oh Weekly Tournaments

     4:00 pm   Heroclix Events, click here to find out what is happening this week.



     5:00 pm   Magic the Gathering Commander

     5:00 pm   Magic the Gathering Casual Play

     6:00 pm   Star Wars X-Wing Miniature League



     6:00 pm   Pokemon Night for all ages

     6:00 pm   Warhammer 40k casual play

     6:00 pm   Yu-Gi-Oh Casual play night



     6:00 pm   Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

     6:00 pm   Warmachine Casual play

     7:00 pm   Heroclix Casual play



     6:00 pm   Board Game Night, bring a board game to share

     6:00 pm   Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Play ($6 entry fee)



     6:00 pm   Friday Night Magic Booster Draft

     7:00 pm   Friday Night Magic Standard

     8:00 pm   Rotating schedule for Magic:

  • Week 1: Pauper
  • Week 2: Modern
  • Week 3: Legacy
  • Week 4: Modern
  • Week 5: Please inquire



     6:00 pm   Iowa Gamers Association Events




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