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Multi-Week Events:

      March 31st ~ May 12th:

                                  Mayhem League: 2017 Modern Masters Event

April 2017:

      Saturday 8th        Grand Prix Trial: Omaha

      Saturday 15th      Amonkhet Open House Event

      Saturday 15th      Sealed Pik-A-Pak tournament

      Saturday 22nd +
      Sunday 23rd        Amonkhet Pre-Release Weekend














April 2017:

      Sunday 9th         DSM League Cup

      Sunday 30th       Guardian's Rising Pre-Release

















April 2017:

      Events list coming soon!























(Looking for Minis & other Board Game events? Please check DSM Mayhem's weekly tabletop schedule!)


Daily Events Happening Every Week


     2:00 pm   Yu-Gi-Oh Weekly Tournaments



     5:00 pm   Magic the Gathering Commander

     5:00 pm   Magic the Gathering Casual Play



     6:00 pm   Pokemon Night for all ages



     6:00 pm   Netrunner LCG



     6:00 pm   Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Play ($6 entry fee)
     6:00 pm   MtG Pauper League



     4:00 pm   Open after-school CCG play

     6:30 pm   $15 Booster Draft (Last Friday of the month is Pick a Pack Draft)

     7:00 pm   $6 Friday Night Magic Standard​

     7:30 pm   $10 Legacy (1st and 3rd Fridays) or Modern (2nd and 4th Fridays)


     Noon        Force of Will

     6:00 pm   Iowa Gamers Association Events



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