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August 2017:

           Sunday 6th           Hour of Devastation Tournament









August 2017:

           Check back soon for events! 

















August 2017:

           Check back soon for events! 




















(Looking for Tabletop events? Try the Ames Board Game events page over here!)


Daily Events Happening Every Week


     6:30 pm   Magic the Gathering Booster Draft
                     Weekly event! $15 entry fee ($6 if you bring your own packs)



     5:30 pm   Ames Pokemon League Play
                     From 5:30-7:30p. All age levels and all play levels welcome!
                     (Kid friendly & Family friendly event)



     6:00 pm   Magic the Gathering Commander



     6:00 pm   Force of Will



     7:00 pm   Friday Night Magic 
                     Free Standard play every week
                     (Modern every second and last Friday of the month)


     12:00 pm  Magic: the Gathering - Standard



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